During Birth & Hospital Stay


Patients often ask how long their labour will take?

On average labour can take 10-12 hours, in some cases it could be significantly longer than that. When you arrive at the hospital, both you and the baby will be examined to ensure that all is well. That usually means a CTG – a machine used to monitor your baby’s heart rate and your contractions. Your progress during labour is monitored with serial internal examinations every three to four hours.

Pain relief

By now you should be familiar with all the pain relief options available to you. Entonox (mixture of laughing gas and air), pethidine and around the clock epidural service is available at Ashford Hospital. Our epidurals are provided by the Adelaide Anaesthetic Services group.

During Birth

Dr Yoong  (or his arranged cover) is on call and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to supervise your labour and delivery.

As a trained obstetrician, Dr Yoong will act in the best interests of both mother and baby to achieve healthy outcomes. He has the level of skill you expect and is experienced in both straightforward and complicated births.

Additionally, as far as possible we will accommodate your wishes for labour so that as well as joy at the outcome you may feel satisfaction with the steps that led you there.

Hospital Stay

Whilst in hospital, Dr Yoong will visit you daily to ensure that you remain well during the post delivery period. The usual length of stay after delivery can vary from 4-5 days.

Postnatal consultations

A postnatal consultation is scheduled for 4 weeks following the birth of your baby.  This provides an opportunity to discuss your health, both physical and emotional, since the birth.  Your contraceptive needs will be addressed and, if due, a pap smear will be taken.   It is also a chance for us to admire again your new arrival!